About Andy

15 years ago, I took a job Managing a Mid-Sized Business in Sierra Madre and fell in love with the community. I later moved here with my wife Julie, who grew up in Sierra Madre.

As a business operator, and later resident, I quickly grew to appreciate all the community events and traditions that make this a special city. Whether it was the 4th of July Parade, Wisteria Festival, Halloween Happenings, Little League Opening Day. As I became more involved, I joined or volunteered in many organizations. 4th of July Committee, Friends of the Sierra Madre Library, Historical Preservation Society and the Community Services Commission.

As both a business operator and resident, I have a well-rounded perspective on why people come and why people stay in Sierra Madre.

I have the background and expertise to navigate the complexities of city government. I have an undergraduate degree in History and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. I was a teacher and later in upper management for a tech company before moving to Sierra Madre. I have managed budgets of $90 Million with 2,000 employees and classrooms of 35 high schoolers with $0 budget.

I care and am passionate about this town and the traditions that make it special. I believe in keeping our traditions, our small-town feel, our sense of pride in having our own Police, our own Rose Float, our unique local businesses and our own Library. The community services provided by the City and a host of community volunteers are at the heart of what makes us who we are.

We have challenges, but none that cannot be surmounted by critical thinking, thorough analysis and prioritizing what makes us special. Together we can do it! Together we are a community! Together we are Sierra Madre!

Thank you and I would be honored for you vote on April 10th.

Andy Bencosme

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Why Andy

I have the background, experience and attitude that is needed to move Sierra Madre forward. I have the business know-how to manage tight budgets. I know how to be creative or and make the tough choices when needed. I also have the community spirit of volunteerism to know how to bring people together to get things done.

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Andy has a Bachelor's Degree in History from Queens College of the City University of New York. He also holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Saint Leo University, where he graduated Cum Laude. He continues to stay up to date through continuing education and professional designations and certificates. Andy is also a member of MENSA.

After graduating from College, Andy was a Public High School teacher where he learned to make due with no budget and the challenges of 150 teenagers each semester. Andy was awarded the Rookie Teacher of the Year for his innovation and excellence. He went on to run a large nationwide support center for a tech company, where he managed budgets of over $90 Million with over 2,000 employees. While there, his department was recognized for Quality Service by earning the JD Powers Award. For the last 15 years he has managed a mid-sized brokerage in Sierra Madre with a 35 people and revenues of over $2 Million. Under his leadership, his company has been recognized for Customer Service as well as Productivity. Andy is a member of the Sierra Madre Chamber of Commerce.

Andy has a long history of community involvement. He currently serves as the Chair of the Sierra Madre Community Services Commission. The Commission is responsible for overseeing the City’s recreation services and programs, special events, parks and facilities. Andy is also a Member of the Sierra Madre Historical Preservation Society and Friends of the Library. He previously served on the Library Board in the City of Monrovia. He has also had years volunteering as a coach for AYSO, Little League and the YMCA. Andy was also Cub Scout Den Leader for several years.

Andy has been a leader in every endevour or field. He is not afraid to take on challenges or the responsibility associated with it. He believes in community and collaboration.

Andy has been recognized in his volunteer efforts and his business activities. He serves or has served on several boards of directors for charitable and professional organizations.

Andy is experienced, hard-working and dedicated. He is ready to serve the citizens of Sierra Madre!


While Sierra Madre is a great community which has overcome some recent obstacles, there are still challenges ahead. We need to deal with these head on and make sure we are on a path to continue the legacy left for us. Our children and grandchildren deserve to inherit the same spirit we experience and are priveleged to have.

Public Safety

Rule #1 for any City or community is Public Safety. I am committed to keeping Sierra Madre the idyllic oasis it has been for years. Part of this comes through having our own Police and Fire.

Budget and fiscal concerns have threatened our ability to continue these services, so it is extremely important to keep our fiscal house in order.

A strong Sierra Madre is a safe Sierra Madre.

Public Library

A Public Library is one of the things that make a City a City. I grew up in a family of modest means, and relied on the local Public Library to educate, entertain and give me a quiet space when needed.

As a Community Services Commissioner, I am well versed with the challenges we have ahead with our own Library. Age, maintenence issues, ADA requirements and modern needs have put us in a position where we must make some big decisions.

Continued delays and putting off until tomorrow will not make our problems going away. A plan, created with community involvement and effective implementation is what Sierra Madre needs.

Community Services

Our City's Parks, Recreation, Special Events and traditions is part of the fabric of our community. These bring us together to celebrate, learn and commune.

With limited resources, Sierra Madre leans on volunteers, who give countless hours to keep our traditions alive.

We must continue these and help them grow. This is important with any potential changes to the Library. Both are important and we have to be smart on how we fix our issues and keep the things that already work!

Water & Infrastructure

California continues to have problems with water and neglected infrastructure. This is also true with Sierra Madre.

We must plan ahead for maintenance and replacement of needed infrastructure so it does not catch us off guard at a time that we cannot address it.

We should never have to deal with brown and orange water from our faucets. The rains last year have made some complacent, but we have can't take our eyes off the ball or else it may bounce back and hit us in the face.

Schools & Our Kids

As a former teacher, I am a big proponent of our schools and a quality upringing for our kids. We need to work with Pasadena Unified and the local private schools to be partners in the childhood of our children.

We are blessed to be able to raise our children in a safe, caring and nuturing city. We have to work together and keep it that way.

Especially with financial challenges, we need to partner with the schools to provide synergy and stretch limited funds.

Business District

Part of Sierra Madre's vitality is it's local business district. Made up of small independent businesses that meet the basic needs of the community and attract visitors to our shops and restaurants.

I would like to work with the community, business owners and Chamber of Commerce to make sure vacancies are filled with complimentary businesses that fit Sierra Madre and meet the needs of residents.

While this is not a huge source of revenue for the City, it does add to quality of life and is a positive when residents shop local.


No one person can change things alone. It takes a community of caring and dedicated people to make us a strong Sierra Madre. I am so happy to have these fine people among my supporters.

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We Need Your Help!

I would love to count you in as a supporter! There are many ways you can help: Place a sign in your yard, host a fundraiser, volunteer on the campaign, host a meet and greet, help walk a neighborhood, or just list yourself as a supporter.

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